Christmas Gift Exchange Tuesday 19 December 2017
Please bring a fun/funny/desirable gift to Rotary on Tuesday 19 December, for a gift exchange and fellowship.
The gift may not cost you more than $11.31.
You may get it anywhere and by any legal method.  It may be a "regift"/salvage/found item.
The most important attribute of the gift should be that it will be highly attractive to at least one person at the exchange- maybe even coveted!
Guests of Rotarians should also bring a gift and participate!
The exchange will be conducted in what is sometimes known as a Chinese Exchange:
1. We will have some type of drawing to decide who goes first, then after that rotate (rotating Rotarians!- and guests) through the group.
2. Participants will have the opportunity when their time comes to pick a gift from the pile, or take a gift away from someone who has already received a gift.
3. If you have chosen from the pile, you open and display your chosen gift.
4. If you lose the gift you have chosen, you get to make the next choice- same deal, either from the pile or from someone else.
5. By the time we are done- everyone should be well entertained, and most should have a gift that they really treasure!
Chinese Auction for Christmas 2017 Gift Exchange! Dan Jones 2017-12-11 09:00:00Z 0