Sitka Rotary will be busy in 2020!
Welcome to Sitka Rotary for 2020, and the second half of the 2019-2020 Rotary year.
President Shauna will continue to provide steady leadership for the next six months, with great lunch programs, fellowship, and service projects.
The Duckfather (John Weitkamp) is hard at work on 2020 Duck Race pre-sales, and in a few months will have us ready for the big sales push for our largest fundraiser of the year.  This year there will be 3500 ducks to sell and race.  In preparation, Sue Ginn organized the annual Duck Audit this last Saturday at the Fire Hall.  A great group of Rotarians and helpers sorted and counted for a couple of hours, to be sure that every ticket sold will be represented by a duck in the race on July 4th.
Lunch Program Manager Janet Eddy may need a couple of additional Program Providers for later in the Rotary year- please volunteer to give her a hand.  Meanwhile the Program Providers for the next three months are hard at work- see the bulletin for what is in store for you at the weekly lunches.
The Club is working with the City and Borough to plan some local service projects for this year.  The next project will likely be our annual Goddard Hot Springs Maintenance Day- in early Spring.  In addition to taking the AmeriCorps volunteers down to Goddard for the day, we may also include members of the new Rotoract Club that is being formed.
Lots to do!