Contact: Dan Jones
WestMark Sitka
United States of America

All Rotarians are encouraged to attend the Sitka Rotary Club Christmas Lunch and Gift Exchange, and bring guests!

Lunch will begin at noon as usual.  Price: $16 full meal, $12 soup and salad.  There will be Dessert!

Santa, or one of his elves, should arrive during lunch, about 12:15.  Santa will visit with the children in attendance as guests, and- if you have surreptitiously brought a present for them- Santa will give it to them during the visit.

Dessert, and the “Chose a Gift” exchange will begin at 12:30.  Bring a gift for the exchange that cost you no more than $8.64 (not including your labor if you have made it yourself).  Gifts should be silly/useful/desirable in some fashion- you want everyone to want it!  Children will eat their dessert- and possibly yours- during the exchange.

Lunch will end approximately at 1:00 as usual- or whenever the exchange is over.